had a pleasure of exploring the lighter side of the force with style="font-style: italic;">Clone Wars Adventures
at E3 2010 just a week after its reveal. Aimed at a tween audience, style="font-style: italic;">CWA
is a asset-light variation on the SOE's style="font-style: italic;">Free Realms
theme with just a handful of persistent areas but dozens of fun
mini-games and flash games meant to test your Jedi skills. Producer
Todd Carson showed us a number of these mini-games, from lightsaber
duels to speeder racing and force perception (finding the differences
between two panes of concept art), to a connect-three styles
Infiltration game where you help R2D2 hack an imperial computer, to
droid programing (a sort of Tetris in reverse), to our personal
favorite: Stunt Gungun, where players must use the force to toss a
Jar-Jar like character across the screen, keeping the gungun aloft by
bouncing him off of objects!


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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