Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) managed to capture the hearts of millions of users with its free-to-play MMORPG Free Realms, but it looks like SOE could have another free-to-play hit on their hands with its recently launched Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. In just one week since its launch, the family-friendly virtual world based on the popular Cartoon Network animated series has logged over one million players. To celebrate the milestone, SOE will be rewarding all current players with a limited edition, in-game Golden Mouse Droid. Players are also invited to join the first in-game event virtual party this weekend to show off their new droids.

To mark this milestone, SOE and LucasArts are rewarding all current Clone Wars Adventures players with a limited edition, in-game Golden Mouse Droid™ pet.  Players can also celebrate the million mark together and show off their new pets by participating in the first ever in-game virtual party. The first in a series of weekly live events, this celebratory community party will be held Friday, September 24 at 3 PM PDT.  Players can gather, meet with friends, accept duels, show off gear and talk about upcoming episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. A special gathering for Jedi™ Members will be held in the Officers' Club at 4 PM PDT.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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