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Epic Book Four takes place roughly two months after the incident at Bruinen Ford where Frodo was pursued by the Nazgul. When Frodo reached the Ford he was weak from his Morgul blade stab wound given to him at the hands of the Witch King near Weathertop. Frodo raised his sword to make a last stand, but when the Nazgul stepped upon the running waters of the Ford Elven magic took hold. The waters began to rise and with a touch from Gandalf the Grey the water took the form of great steeds as it poured over some of the Nazgul. The few that tried to withdraw were helped into the coming wave by Aragorn and Glorfindell who had just caught up to the Black Riders at the Ford.

Two months have passed and eight of the nine horses have been found, but the ninth is still missing. It is believed he still hides among the Trollshaws stirring evil in his wake.

Foreword: The Troubles of Rivendell

Around level 35 you can head to Rivendell and speak with Aragorn to begin Book Four. He will tell you to speak with Elrond.

Chapter 1: Where is the Horse and the Rider

This quest picks up right after the part in the Book “The Fellowship of the Ring” where Gandalf, Glorfindel, and Aragorn have just driven off the Nazgul pursuing Frodo near the Bruinen Ford.

the Nazgul were driven off eight of the nine horses were found dead. Elrond is concerned about the presence of the ninth Black Rider still within the Trollshaws. He will enlist your aid in investigating his whereabouts. Your first task is to seek out Elrond’s son Elladan at his camp in Trollshaws called Thorenhad. You can locate this encampment to the west of Rivendell just north of the road near the center of Trollshaws.

Chapter 2: The Missing Rider

Elladan has been searching for the missing Black Rider unsuccessfully, but he thinks he may have a lead and guess who just volunteered to investigate it. You will need to head into the south part of Trollshaws and investigate near Minas Agor. The Location has been marked on the map to the left.

Map with marked locations.

You will need to fight through several trolls and evil men. When you reach a branch in the road go left through the large stone doorway. When you enter here you will see a dead black horse. Clear your way to it and inspect the remains. Return to Elladan with this new information.


Armour: Elladan's Leggings

Weapon: Brognam

Chapter 3: The Wisdom of Lord Glorfindel

With the Nazgul’s horse now dead Elladan is unable to track his movements, but he knows someone who might can. Elladan will send you to Rivendell to speak with Glorfindel. He is located beside the Last homely House on a nearby hill close to the water. Speak with him to complete chapter three.

Chapter 4: Regaining the Trail

Troll cave entrance

For this next part to save yourself sometime bind at the stone in Rivendell. After speaking with Glorfindel he will give you a beryl an Elf stone to help track the missing Nazgul. Leave Rivendell and head for the Bruinen Ford. Once there use the Elf stone in the water. After you have done use your map to return to Rivendell and speak with Glorfindell again. He will tell you to take the stone to Elladan. Return to Thorenhad and speak with Elladan to finish chapter four.

Chapter 5: Hiding in the Dark

Elladan has determined that you might find the missing Nazgul in one of the many caves throughout the Trollshaws. He will give you a list of three caves to enter and use the Elf stone in. I have marked them in green on the map here. Each cave is filled with trolls so take friends. You will need to make your way to the deepest section of each cave and use the Elf stone. Once you have inspected all three tunnels with the Elf stone return to Elladan and speak with him to complete chapter five.


Weapon: Ladgris

Armour: Luthrand

Earring: Eluil

Chapter 6: The Knowledge of the Onodrim

The Onodrim

When you return to Elladan he has gotten news from one of his scouts named Barachen that he has spotted a wandering Onodrim. He will ask you to speak with Barachen in the southwest Trollshaws. He has a small camp set up overlooking the road. Speak with him to learn of the Onodrim.

Barachen will tell you the Onodrim was seen in the southeast section of Trollshaw in the Giants land. Take your allies and head there. Once you encounter the Onodrim it will attack you. This fight is not to hard and with a decent group will be over quick. Defeat it and return to Elladan.

Chapter 7: The Aid of Mirkwood

Elladan is concerned at the corruption spreading throughout the forest and instructs you to seek an audience with the Elves of Murkwood. They have a delegation in Rivendell. Speak with Elrond to arrange a meeting.

Elrond will arrange a meeting with one of the Murkwood Elves. It is none other than the legendary Legolas. You can find him under a gazebo just north and slightly west of the Last homely house.

Chapter 8: The Unmarked Trail

When you enter the instance you will find Legolas waiting for you. When everyone is ready speak with him to begin the quest. You will have to escort Legolas through the instance so make sure he doesn’t fall. If he does you will have to start all over. Make sure those with healing abilities keep a close eye on him as he will get hit a lot during this little venture.

Legolas stands ready.

Unlike some other escort missions, you can’t scout ahead to kill the creatures to come. They are triggered by Legolas so you will need him all the way through. If you have a hunter or Lore-Master they will be of great use in the coming battles. Use their skills to trap or mez enemies in the many waves you will be encountering.
Once you breach the many waves of enemies you will make your way up the hill where you will encounter the first of two bosses in this instance. His name is Caller of the Bog and is a level 41 Elite with 25,756 moral. He can be defeated like any other enemy. Let the tank keep aggro and keep the creatures back to your group. The toughest part of this fight is when he summons several vines during the battle that will hit your allies. The best bet is to keep the tank on him and allow the other members to deal with the vines quickly. Once he is down take a rest and speak with Legolas to continue.

As you continue fight smart. I think Legolas makes one more stop and then it’s a strait fight to the final boss. You will know the end is near when you see a distorted looking side on a cliff. Legolas will hasten his pace and you will spot a Nazgul consulting with another Wood Troll. That troll is your last challenge in this instance. The nazgul will flee upon spotting you leaving the troll to deal with you.

This final battle is vicious. You will have to fight smart or you will fall. The last boss is named Taushakh and he is a level 42 Elite Master that comes with two adds. This guy hits pretty hard so there are a couple of ways to approach this. The strategy some people use is to allow Legolas to obtain agro from Taushakh and keep him healed while your party takes out the adds and then join in and help with damage while Legolas tanks.

Caller of the Bog

The second way is for your main tank to go at him, but this is more resource consuming and if the battle drags out for a while you could find yourself out of power. If you were fortunate enough to have a Burglar or another way of initiating a Fellowship to regain power this won’t be a problem. Legolas will add a fair amount of additional damage with his bow. Either way expect this to be a long battle.

Once you have defeated Taushakh speak with Legolas to complete the instance and return to Rivendell. Speak with Legolas agin to complete chapter eight and collect your reward.


Bow: Cuneldor

Armour: Tracker's Trousers

Armour: Himhar

Weapon: Taushakh's Doom

Chapter 9: Hasten Their Departure

Once you exit the instance, speak with Legolas again. He will be concerned at the trouble the Nazgul that escaped may cause and ask that you report the news to Lord Elrond. Return to Elrond in the Last Homely house and tell him what has happened. This will complete Book four and give you the first quest to start Book five.


Earring: Dorlos

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