Epic Guide: Book Nine: Shores of Evendim

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Epic Book Nine is given to you upon the completion of Book Eight. You will be called to investigate the actions of Sarah Oakheart and why she took the Palantir from Mordirith. This quest line will lead you through a twisted story line as a new villain is revealed that puts Middle-earth in peril. There is even a cameo by the great eye itself, but more importantly the introduction of the Shores of Evendim to the story line.

Chapter One: Oakheart's Note

Background: Mordirith, the False King, has been defeated and sent back to Mordor houseless, but the mysterious Sara Oakheart stole the palantír Mordirith had in his possession. This greatly concerns Gandalf the Gray.

After you complete Book Eight and speak with Gandalf the Gray., you will be sent back to Golodir in the fortress of Gath Forthnir to aid in finding the stolen Palantir and investigating the new threat now presented by Sarah Oakheart. When you return and speak with Golodir you will learn Sarah Oakheart has sent you a message requesting that you meet her at Barad Gularan in Nan Gurth in northeast Angmar.

To reach Sarah Oakheart you will need to take a path behind Barad Gularan on the eastern side. The road will lead to a rise that connects to a bridge. Sarah can be found standing near the door just across the bridge at Loc: 6.6N, 21.9W.

Reward: 9s 94c

Chapter Two: Oakheart's Might

Background: For reasons, undisclosed, Sara Oakheart summoned you to Barad Gúlaran, the ancient retreat of the Witch-king of Angmar.

When you reach Sarah Oakheart she will pour the sobbing old lady story on you. Thanking you for all that you have done to aid this poor old woman blah blah blah. She's a lying wench, but we'll get to that. Sarah will ask you to escort her through Barad Gularan. (Yeah who didn't see this one coming?)

Once you accept, you will enter into a solo instance so any fellowship members you brought along will have to disband and rejoin after. The key to completing this instance is simple. Allow Sarah to fight all the ghost you encounter. Feel free to add your own little bit of damage, but I'm sure she doesn't need it. She does a pretty good job of laying waste to all things in her path. (Beginning to get suspicious of this old hag yet? Well, YOU SHOULD!!!)

Sarah Oakheart
Don't be fooled by the innocent old lady routine.

After you defeat the fourth or so wave of ghost, you will come upon a large door. Sarah will open it for you, but when you enter, you will find a hall full of Angmarim. This large group is gathered near an alter performing what looks like a ritual. At this point you will learn the truth of this traitorous hag. Sarah will approach one of the men near the front and begin talking, you in the meantime will go into supper cringe and cower mode. At this time three things will happen.

  • Sarah will change form to reveal who she truly is. Amarthiel a champion of Angmar.
  • While you are cowering she will speak with the great eye of Sauron at the alter and receive instructions.
  • When her conversation is done you will be stricken down for your trouble. There is nothing you can do except eat the defeat.
  • Once you have suffered the beat down retreat and you will appear at the gates of Gath Forthnir. Head inside and tell Golodir of what has transpired.

    Reward: 9s 94c

    Chapter Three: Golodir's Request

    Background: Golodir is concerned that Mordirith's Knights will be taken into Amarthiel's service.

    Golodir is concerned that Mordirith's Knights might join Amarthiel. He will send you to speak with several allies throughout the land. The first is in the area of your home. If you are human this will be Constable underhill in Combe, if you are Elven or Dwarf this will be Mathi Stouthand in Gondamon. The second is Frideric the Elder in Ost Gurath of the Lone-lands, and finally Daervunn in the North Downs stronghold of Esteldin.

    Chapter Four: Journey to Combe or Journey to Gondamon

    This quest could go two ways depending on your race. We will glance through each of them.

    Reward: 24s 85c




    Journey to Combe

    Head to Combe and speak with Constable Underhill at 28.7S, 49.3W. You will learn that Mordirith's Knight is hiding out in northeastern Chetwood. This Knight is right next to Jagger Jack in the Blackwold ruins at Loc: 26.2S, 43.8W. Each of these knights can be soloed easily, but more help just makes it easier. Slay the knight Bhaltair and return to Constable Underhill.

    Reward: 24s 85c


    Purger of Chetwood

    Journey to Gondamon

    Speak with Mathi Stouthand in Gondamon to learn about the Mordirith Knight Kevoca. You can find him just north and a bit east of Gondamon at Loc: 18.4S, 96.1W. Slay him and report back to Mathi Stouthand.


    Chapter Five: Journey to the Lone-lands

    Background: Frideric the Elder has warned you of a new threat in the southern bogs and that maybe it is the Knight you seek.

    Your next stop will be Ost Gurath in the center of the Lone-lands. Speak with Frideric the Elder and you will learn that he suspects the Mordirith Knight Neacal is in Harloeg swamp. Neacal is hiding deep within the southeast of Harloeg swamp past the trolls. You can find him at Loc: 39.2S, 25.1W. Slay him and return to Frideric the Elder.

    Reward: 24s 85c

    Chapter Six: Journey to Esteldin

    Background: Daervunn has warned you of a new threat to the north near the entrance to Ram Dúath and that maybe it is the Knight you seek.

    Showdown in Annuminas
    Amarthiel seeks something in Annuminas.

    Your last stop in this trio journey is with Daervunn in Esteldin. He will inform you of the possible location of the third Mordirith Knight, Siridean. Daervunn believes he is somewhere around the entrance to Ram Duath, north of Esteldín. You can find Siridean at the Hillman camp on the hill just above the western entrance at Loc: 7.4S, 35.2W. Slay him and report the news to Daervunn.

    Reward: 24s 85c

    Chapter Seven: Amarthiel's Trail


    Background: Golodir was pleased with your success in the south, but is still concerned with Amarthiel and her possession of a palantír.

    Once you have spoken with all three allies, you will need to return to Gath Forthnir and speak with Golodir once more. Golodir will then send you to the southern room of Gath Forthnir to speak with Laerdan to get help in tracking Amarthiel. Laerdan will then send you to the island of Tinnudir in Evendim to speak with the Ranger Calenglad.

    Reward: 9s 94c

    Chapter Eight: Amarthiel's Hope

    (Before you start this instance grab a +5 Hope Token and a healing potion or two to be safe.)

    When you arrive in Evendim you will find Calenglad at the campfire in the center of the camp in Tinnudir. This will be your final task for Book nine. Calenglad offer you five Rangers to go to Annuminas and bring back information about Amarthiel. This is a solo instance, but you will have the aid of five Rangers. It is best to let them do most of the fighting and for you to just add in your own bit of damage along the way.

    The fighting is pretty simple and the Rangers do a good job of taking care of the yard trash. Just let them do the tanking and you add some damage here and there and all will be fine. After a few skirmishes you will reach a small platform where you will find Amarthiel talking with several of his followers. After the old I'm the bad guy and your all about to die routine, he will order his servant to dispose of you. Amarthiel and his followers will walk away leaving you to deal with Morguldur a level 51 Elite Master.

    Morguldur will face you at the end.

    The best tactic here is to allow the Rangers to get aggro and tank him while you add to the damage. He hits hard so if he starts wailing away on you it will be a short fight. You may lose a Ranger or two during the fight, but don't panic. With my Guardian I took him down with only 2 loses so it is very doable solo. Just make sure the rangers take the brunt of the hits.

    When you down Morguldur, Calenglad will enter the instance fearing the worst. Speak with him to complete the instance and return to Tinnudir. Speak with him once more to collect your reward.

    Reward: 39s 76c

    Calenglad's Ring

    Jormund's Uncut Diamond


    This is the end of Book nine, but if you want to continue on to Book ten, all you need to do is speak with Calenglad once you complete the last chapter of Book Nine and you will receive the first chapter of Book Ten.

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