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Book six is obtainable from Elrond of Rivendell and it is a level 45 quest. This Epic quest is one of the shorter in the series and does not actually have an instance, but it will send you all over Angmar to complete it and at the end grant you a needed trait to traverse safely through Angmar.

Foreword: Turning to the North

Speak with Elrond to begin this Epic quest. He will instruct you to speak with Aragorn for further instruction.

Chapter One: Of Golodir and Angmar

Aragorn will tell you that a falcon just arrived from one of his Kinsmen in Esteldin, but a similar message arrived in Esteldin from the northern lands of Angmar from one of his kinsmen believed lost long ago. Unable to leave his current duty, Aragorn ask you to seek out Daervunn in Esteldin in his stead and learn what Daervunn has discovered about the fate of Corunir.

Esteldin is a hidden refuge in the eastern half of the North Downs. Leave Rivendell and seek out Daervunn in the refuge of Esteldin.



Chapter 2: Against His Lord

Daervunn will tell you the story of Golodir and the company he took to Angmar. The entire company vanished, never to be heard from again until recently. The falcon baring the message was from Corunir and he managed to survive and is living near the Hill-man village of Aughaire to the north in Angmar.

Angmar Book 6 Map

Daervunn will instruct you to seek out Corunir and find out the source of the urgency in his message.

Chapter 3: Secrets of the Stones

When you find Corunir in Aughaire he will tell you the sad tale of his company and their apparent demise by a malaise of evil Watching Stones in Rammas Deluon. You will learn he did not return to Esteldin as he did not wish to abandon his Captain. Now he needs you to aid him in discovering the secret of the Watching Stones of Rammas Deluon.

Corunir wants you to take a rubbing of the runes of a lesser watching-stone near the camps of Angmarim and Hillmen. Once you have the rubbing, return to Corunir.

Chapter 4: Heart of Stone

Upon examining the stones, Corunir learns that the language is written in the black speech of Mordor. He is unable to translate the entire message, but he does learn of a heart of the stone. He asks you to gather a stone heart from one of the lifeless stones.

Chapter 5: The Sorcerer's Doom

Unfortunately, the stone heart you found was cracked and altogether useless, but you have been presented with another opportunity. Some of the local hunters have just returned and taken notice of a ritual being performed at the Tór Gailvin. This ritual is being performed by a dark magician and he just happens to have a stone heart with him. Corunir asks you to slay this dark wizard and take the stone heart from his dead decaying body.

Sorcerer Teth

Head north east to Tór Gailvin and on the northern side of the wall you will find a small passage you can enter and avoid a strait fight through the gate. Eliminate the guards and Wargs in the area and you will find the sorcerer near the center of the area in front of a large stone statue. He usually has a summoned pet with him, but aside from that he is a pretty easy fight. Slay him, collect the heart, and return to Corunir.




Fist of Gundabad

Chapter 6: Challenging the Stone

Corunir cringed at the sight of the stone heart referring to it as similar to the feeling he had in Rammas Deluon. He did figure out the secret to the stones though. It seems they were made to inhabit a fell spirit such as those that embody the Wights of Angmar.

For the final task Corunir wants you to take the stone heart to the ancient watching-stone near the eastern pass of Ram Dúath. Take the stone to this location and after you don’t get killed return to Corunir to collect your reward and complete Book six.




Corunir's Axe

Corunir's Robe

Trait:Conqueror of the Watching-stones: Allows you to shake off the worst effects of the Fell Watching-stones oppressive will.

Chapter 7: Beyond Rammas Deluon

After you prove the stone hearts power can aid you and gain the new trait making you immune to the death effects of the Fell Watch-stones, Corunir will ask you to proceed east of the Fell watch-stones into eastern Angmar and to check for signs that his company might have survived. The Dwarves have set up an encampment to the southwest and beginning there will be a good place to start.

When you head east into Angmar you can find the Ranger Braigiar at the dwarf-outpost of Gabilshathûr in Malenhad. Speak with him to complete Book six and receive your first task for Book 7.

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