Patch notes...and
hilarity ensues!

We know that patch notes are informative and needed if we want to stay
on top of what's happening in EverQuest II, but did you know that they
are also very entertaining? Coyote and RadarX could be given
just about any topic and make it hilarious, but these Mystery Science
Theater 3000 style patch notes are by far the community's
favorite. Come find out just what is so funny about patch

You can now resist the damage done by most
lava. Be
careful!Some areas of lava may be more potent than others.

Coyote:....who is going to test this? Hey look! I can resist THIS lava,
and THIS one he-*vaporized*

RadarX: Yeah the Devs aren't screwing with people.  Hey you
can now resist damage from this level 80 Epic
seriously! Go try it!  *snort*
He's...*snicker* perfectly tame.

Coyote: Great, the Devs are getting kickbacks from the Menders. "No
really, Ogres can fly - but only from REALLY high up! Try it!"

RadarX: Apparently the money sinks aren't working so they are thinking
outside the box. Next we can expect "We've removed the
breathing underwater mechanic...even though you still see the blue bar
you can TOTALLY breath under water now. Really."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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