Guaranteed to Blow You
Right Out of Your Pod

Any time we can hook up with the crew from CCP, we do it! 
These guys are passionate about EVE Online and it's truly a joy to hear
from them what is coming next. Fans and newcomers alike have
reason to be excited, as there's a ton of new stuff still coming out in
the Revelations series of updates that is guaranteed to blow you right
out of your pod. So, kick back, grab a can of Quafe and check
out what Cody 'Micajah' Bye and crew were able to glean from EVE
Online's Associate Producer Arend Stührmann.

To our surprise and utter enjoyment, Arend flipped
open his laptop and
began pounding away on his keyboard. In the games industry, we've come
to learn that whenever a developer pops open a laptop, you know you're
going to see something interesting. Much like Magnus for us at GDC,
Arend wanted to show us something neat and frickin' cool. After getting
everything adjusted the way he wanted it, Arend turned the laptop
around and came beside us so he could point out particular items on the

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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