Last year Ten Ton Hammer awarded EVE Online as the Best Community in a MMOG of the year. Why? Because the community knows what it wants and has had a fundamental part in designing the future of the game. Ten Ton Hammer caught up with Arnar Gylfason, Senior Producer of EVE at gamescom 2010 to address some concerns that have been going about the community. Lag, features backlog, and the future of the game are our topics in this exclusive EVE Online interview from gamescom 2010.

Invasion, or Incursion, we haven’t decided upon a name, is encouraging group gameplay through a mutual NPC enemy, but it can also attract other player elements. You can get a group of people together that you’ve never met in a social environment to attack a sort of rampaging horde of NPCs, and that is one part of the gameplay.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016