Patch notes are one of the least exciting aspects of MMO games so why spend your valuable time trying to figure them out? Ten Ton Hammer's "expert" patch note translators RadarX and Coyote sat down with EverQuest II's Game Update 51 notes and picked out everything you need to know. Entertaining and disturbing, this is more information than most people want to consider but where else will you find such in depth analysis?

An issue which was causing some multiple effect spells( typhoon ) to not properly add in additional damage has been fixed.

RadarX: Oh like Fury's were REALLY that upset. I mean how angry could a class name Fu...oh.

Coyote: Dude, trust me – you do NOT want to get a bunch of people who dress like giant animals just so that they can make grunty faces and get their “O” on, mad. They’ve got nothing to lose. NOTHING.

RadarX: Except their bravado sir. When you can dress like a blue turtle and try to pick up a slutty chick dressed like a rabbit? I call that…ok yeah Furries are creepy. I see your point.

Coyote: Avoid the rabbit chick. She might be great in the sack, but a month later she shows up at your door with 37 kids.

There are tons more in EverQuest II GU51 - I Am the Warrior

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016