The Internet is a strange and dangerous place. Every day thousands of
people are scammed out of their time, money, property and identities.
Yet there are still some services that seem “too good to be
true” but
are actually run by honest, hard-working individuals that are striving
for success. Recently, Ten Ton Hammer’s Cody
“Micajah” Bye had a
conversation with Jimmy Yang whose target="_blank">JACT service
(which offers free prizes and products simply for playing video games)
often falls under that “too good to be true” stigma
time and time
again. To clear the air, Jimmy opened himself up to Ten Ton
questions, and he answered every inquiry we threw his way. If
interested in winning more free prizes other than the ones you href="" target="_blank">already
get with Ten Ton Hammer, target="_blank">check JACT out!

Ton Hammer: There are a number of massively multiplayer online games on
your “supported games list” including World of
Warcraft, EverQuest II,
and Lord of the Rings Online. How exactly does a game make it on that
list? Are gamers “rewarded” the same for each type
of game they play?
Will we see upcoming MMOGs like Stargate Worlds and Warhammer Online on
this list?

We attempt to accommodate our users as much as
possible. We are already planning to add Stargate: Worlds and Warhammer
Online to our supported games. And, obviously, we are already planning
for WotLK. Ultimately, if enough of our users want JACT to support a
game, we will do everything within our power to add it to our list. But
it’s not all about just MMOs or strategy games. We are also
in the
initial stages of rolling out competition-based gaming on our servers.
Currently, we have a Counter-Strike Source plug-in that allows gamers
to earn rewards based on their performance. Everyone likes a little

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016