With every tick of the clock, the team at NetDevil's Colorado-based
studio draws closer to finishing their work on their upcoming space
combat MMO, target="_blank">Jumpgate
. As the Game Developer's Conference
gets underway in San Francisco, the staff at Ten Ton Hammer took a
moment to sit down with Hermann Peterscheck, the lead man for style="font-style: italic;">Jumpgate Evolution,
to talk about the state of the game and what the team is curently
working on. We also delve into some questions regarding PvP and PvP
builds. As always, Hermann's answers are full of little tidbits of
information, so make sure you read it all!

Ten Ton Hammer: What has
been different about taking this kind of approach to developing your

It's interesting, because this kind of approach doesn't lend itself to
"grand reveals." A lot of game developers fall to the temptation of
working on the next really cool unique feature that nobody else has.
These tend to sound really, really good when you describe it, but when
you play it's not that interesting.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016