Turbine Announces "Got Tips?" Winners

A little over a month ago we asked you to give us your href="http://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php?t=53687" target="_blank">best
ideas for new tips

to add into the game. Well the winners have been chosen and they will
start to appear on a screen near you when Module 3 launches.

Congratulations to the winners: apollojuly,
Berjik, Chardros, Denomicon, DeusMortis, DrAwkward, Drogon,
DuckOfDeath, Elurian, Fu-Inator, Furee, oronisi, patnodewf, Squeg,
Thanatos, Thistle, tihocan, toddfox2, tr0tsky, Ustice, Volund, whysper,
winsom, and Worg2k6

I will be adding your new forum title shortly (don't worry - if you're
a founder you'll still have that title too).

Please note: some of the tips have been edited for accuracy and/or


  • Any item can be placed in your hotbar, not just weapons.
  • Area of effect spells, such as burning hands, will not harm your
    party members.
  • Using a shrine will remove most favorable spells currently on
    your character.


  • Some
    magic items are attuned to a specific race. Be sure to check for race
    restrictions on weapons or armor before you purchase them.


  • For when dropped items from breakables are hard to find, you can
    Backspace to select items near you and U to pick them up and use them.


  • Using a resurrection shrine will set your current spell points to
    zero, a cleric's raise dead spell will not.


  • Using a rest shrine will remove 1 negative level if you have
    suffered level drain.
  • The
    brothers and sisters of the Silver Flame located in taverns can cast a
    variety of status ailment removing spells, such as remove curse, for a
  • You can now play as a Drow! Once your adventures have
    earned you 400 total favor, speak to Nyx, the Drow Elder, outside
    Harbormaster Zim's house.
  • Running low on inventory space? The Coin Lords can reward those
    who have proven loyal with expanded inventory.
  • Need additional bank space? Those commended by House Kundarak can
    gain access to additional storage.
  • Need
    a buff before an adventure? Building favor with Houses Phiarlan and
    Jorasco will grant you access to extended beneficial spells, which will
    not be removed when you enter a dungeon.
  • Going through arrows
    or bolts too fast? Those favored by House Deneith can purchase "Sturdy"
    bolts and arrows, which are not expended as quickly.


  • Monsters tend to attack whoever has dealt the most damage to them.
  • Ranged
    weapons (crossbows and bows) and arrows with the same magic
    enhancements do not stack. If you have a +1 bow and +1 arrows, you only
    get a +1 enhancement total. Different magic enhancements will stack.


  • Be
    careful where you roam when fighting monsters! If there is a wall,
    pillar, or other obstruction between you and your cleric he or she
    can't heal you, even if you are close to him/her.


  • Consumables
    such as arrows, healing kits and potions are auto used according to
    their location in your inventory starting from the upper left space to
    the bottom right space in each bag tab and starting from the left bag
    tab to the right.
  • The "Lock" icon in the examine window allows you to keep an
    examine window open and compare multiple items.


  • Successful
    intimidate checks result in an orange icon above the enemy's head. This
    will focus their assaults on the character they perceive as a threat
    for 6 seconds.
  • If you have questions about your character class, stop by one of
    the class sections at the DDO forums at href="http://www.ddo.com/forums/" target="_blank">http://www.ddo.com/forums/
    or ask another player.


  • Taking screen shots writes the picture file to a folder named
    "Dungeons and Dragons Online", located in "My Documents".


  • Glancing blows will awaken hypnotized or sleeping monsters. Be
    careful where you swing that greataxe!


  • Anyone can block even if you don't have a shield equipped. Your
    AC and DR will still increase due to your defensive efforts!


  • You can disable guild names shown above players' heads, by going
    into the Options Panel (ctrl+O) and changing the UI Settings.


  • If you're having trouble swimming underwater, turn mouse look on.
    It greatly improves your control.
  • Wands
    for any spell on the spell list for any of your character's classes can
    be used as long as your total character level is as least as high as
    the caster level on the wand. This applies even if your class level is
    below what is required to cast the spell yourself. For example, rangers
    and paladins can use cure light wounds wands at level 1.
  • Check your encumbrance before swimming. An encumbrance level of
    medium greatly decreases your ability to swim.
  • Tumble,
    Open Lock, Disable Device, Use Magical Devices, and Perform may only be
    used if you have put points into training them, even if you have
    ability modifiers and equipment that would normally boost your skill
    above zero.


  • If another player is annoying
    you with unwanted /tell messages, you can type "/ignore add " and the
    character's first name in order to block further text.


  • Magical
    spell scrolls can be manually stacked in your inventory, even though
    they do not automatically stack. Just drag a scroll on top of an
    identical scroll (or existing stack of identical scrolls) to stack them.


  • If the game cannot connect after an update, you may need to reset
    your firewall settings for DDO files.


  • A held monster will be automatically critically hit, regardless
    of your proficiency with a weapon.


  • Any player can use a shield with 0 armor check penalty without
    proficiency, and suffer no attack penalty.


  • Extend
    Spell only affects spells that have a duration greater than instant and
    less than permanent. You can cast instant and permanent spells without
    an increased Spell Point cost.
  • It gets tiring holding your
    weapons and shields after finishing a quest. You can put them away with
    /sheath to free up your hands, while still being ready for battle.


  • The Paladin Lay On Hands ability has no penalty when used to
    repair Warforged.


  • To
    turn on voice chat, go to Options -> Audio -> Enable Voice Chat.
    You can do this even if you do not have a microphone so you can hear
    what others are saying.


  • The Lesser Restoration spell removes ability damage and similar
    spells, such as Ray of Enfeeblement and Touch of Idiocy
  • If a monster attacks you from behind it will get a +2 bonus to
  • Ray
    spell attacks can be dodged if you move your character out of the way
    quick enough. Watch for enemy spell casting animations for a warning of
    when to dodge.
  • The Trip skill is more successful the stronger your character is.


  • There is no limit to the number of coins you can carry. Coins
    have no weight.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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