While a number of iPhone/smartphone apps have been created for MMOGs so far, none of them have offered more than a handful of smaller, more data oriented options. But at PAX East 2010 the developers of Fallen Earth showed us the killer app that will raise the bar for how players can interact with an MMOG while on the go. Everything from crafting, chatting, auctions and in-game emails is possible, many features even overlapping in interesting and unique ways never before seen in an MMOG smartphone application. Ten Ton Hammer is pleased to bring you the details on how it all fits together, along with an exclusive video with Associate Project Manager Dave Haydysch where the powerful new app is shown in action.

The interaction between elements is also incredibly cool. For example, if you want to queue up a new crafting recipe the interface will show you how many of each component you currently have in your inventory and even allow you to purchase the ones you're missing from the in-game auction house. Any items you've created can also be collected and added to your pack, and from there mailed to other players or placed on the market should you so desire.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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