With Final Fantasy XIV just entering open beta and scheduled to launch later this month, Square Enix's other MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI will be facing some stiff competition from its younger sibling. So it's no surprise that Final Fantasy XI would shake things up a bit and the game recently announced a new director with former Battle Director Akihiko Matsui. Matsui posted a brief letter to the community pledging to continue support for the game and keeping it a place "for those seeking high adventure and camaraderie."

As director, I intend to work in close cooperation with all project members and involved parties to ensure that FINAL FANTASY XI will continue to hold allure for our players. For truly, nothing would please me more than to see Vana'diel remain a gathering place for those seeking high adventure and camaraderie.

While it might seem like two Final Fantasy MMORPGs might be at odds with one another, there are incentives for players to play both. And Sony online Entertainment has managed to keep a happy balance between two games of the same brand with EverQuest and EverQuest II for years. So it should be interesting to see how Square Enix steps up their game to try and have similar success.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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