We've got no cure, but here's a list of what ails ya.

GamesRadar is running an editorial which examines five things that they believe need to stop or drastically change in MMOGs-- the sooner, the better.

We've lost at a lot of MMOs over the years. That's the one thing we're pretty good at when it comes to them. After the initial period of infatuation with any given MMO we find ourselves helplessly obsessed with, we always lose. We lose track of what loot drops we wanted from what boss, what quest we were trying to clear, or why we even started playing in the first place. Every time we sever ourselves from whatever MMO we’re addicted to, there's a part of us that swears we'll never touch another one again.

It's the part that remembers hearing adults arguing over imaginary in-game items, the part that remembers a good night sleep, and a diet not entirely consisting of microwave meals and canned goods. Here's what MMOs need to stop doing if we're ever going to jump back in for the long haul.

Check it out at GamesRadar. What do you think? Are they right?

[Via RPGDot]

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016