It's not nice to aim at young girls.

WarCry has a nice preview of Sony's upcoming free to play game FreeRealms up, so go check it out.

SOE has grown to be one of the biggest sources of traditional AAA MMORPGs, but with the upcoming FreeRealms, they're trying something new. It's a browser-based, casual MMORPG aimed not only at young people, but at young girls.

Along with their turn towards a crowd to whom they've traditionally not offered games, SOE has gone out of their way to make sure FreeRealms is as accessible as possible. The browser-based client can be emailed and the game itself is free to play. Non-subscribers see advertisements in their UI. For example, in one loading screen, a trailer for a Sony film played. There are also subscription options planned, as well as microtransactions.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016