How You Gonna Keep 'em
Down on the Farm?

What do you want out of your career? Glamour and prestige? A constant
struggle to keep abreast of new information? Financial security? The
means to travel all around the world? Fame? Fortune? To many video game
aficionados, the gaming industry represents all of the ideals listed
above and more. At GDC '08, we took a moment to chat with Valerie
Massey, currently the Public Relations and Communications Director for
CCP Games (the developers of EVE Online) about her rise up the ranks
and how she broke into the industry.

In Jewett, Valerie was playing the part of the
stay-at-home house wife,
raising a child and taking care of her bed-ridden grandmother. Not
surprisingly, she felt totally disconnected with the rest of the world.
But when she finally got the internet in 1997, the world opened up
before her. "One of my cousins in Houston was playing Ultima Online,"
Val continued. "It had just launched, and he went on and on about this
game. He let me play on his account for a few weeks and told me that if
I liked the game, he would buy it for me."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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