Napkin Balls, Velvet
Jesus, and Vanguard

What do napkin balls and paintings of Jesus on velvet have to do with
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes? More than you might think. It's all about
having fun. Shayalyn attended Vanguard Gamers Day with a bunch of
gaming journalists and a handful of devs from Sigil. You've got to know
how to have fun in order to create a fun game. Do the folks from Sigil
know how to have more fun than a room full of gaming journalists? Read
Shayalyn's blog to find out.

We got down to the business of discussing Vanguard
and watching a presentation, led by Jeff Butler (President of Sigil
Games Online) and Brad McQuaid (CEO of Sigil). I can’t tell
you about the presentation just yet, but watch for news about that in
about a week. Let me just say that Jeff and Brad are so enthusiastic
about their game that Sigil’s public relations manager, April
Jones, had to drag them away from the session so we could proceed to
the next part of the event. “I know these guys,”
she said affectionately. “If I let them, they’ll
talk all day and you’ll never actually get to play the

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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