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Uncle Lester may live in a van down by the river, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a gamer at heart. Always on the lookout for an unsecured Wi-Fi connection to use before being runoff, his quest for gamer glory continues!

Hello and welcome to the fifth edition of Gaming with Uncle Lester! I’m your host of today’s show, Uncle Lester. I think I've finally found a place where I can hang out and relax for a couple of days without being runoff. Man, I love truck stops! Hot food, hot showers... this is the life. I should have thought about this sooner! Oh… and I’ve heard I need to check out this reptile exhibit that's happening tomorrow night. I've never seen a Lot Lizard before but it should be pretty cool. I can’t wait!

As I've had time to sit and just think about things over the past week, I’ve come to the decision that I’m tired of all the constant bickering about who’s better when it comes to comic book characters so I've decided that each week we’re going to pick two from opposing companies and throw them both into The Pit of Eternal Geeknation to let the audience battle it out! Up this week, two of the most deadly assassins in the world...

Deadpool vs. Deathstroke

On the left, sporting the red and black outfit, Wade Wilson, aka Marvel’s very own Deadpool! A master of blades and firearms, Deadpool is a force to be reckoned with. Sporting two swords and a pair of submachine guns, he is a walking weapon unto himself. On top of being a master with numerous weapons, he also has the same healing abilities as everyone’s favorite animalistic Marvel mutant, Wolverine. This allows him to absorb extreme amounts of both pain and punishment. Oh yeah… he’s crazy as a loon too, long ago diagnosed with a mental illness that periodically makes him convinced he is a character in a comic book so uhhhh... there's that to consider.

On the right, wearing the orange and blue scalemail-style outfit and of no relation, Slade Wilson, aka DC’s Deathstroke, the Terminator. Slade may be much older than the superheroes and villains running around these days, but thanks to taking part in a military experiment years earlier, he has superhuman reflexes, increased strength, and increased speed. Long before he took part in the experiment that enhanced his body, he had already mastered nearly every form of hand to hand combat known to man. In the years since, he became the deadliest assassin ever known and continues to retain this title. More than once, he's gone up against the heaviest of the heavies of DC's superhero and villain rosters and walked away unscathed.

So there you go! Two of the best combatants in the known comic book universe. If we threw them into a pit and forced them to fight it out, who would end up the victor and whose corpse would be left to rot in the sand? Vote for your favorites here!

That’s it for today’s show but tune in Monday for more from your rambling rose of the gaming world, Uncle Lester! Be sure to follow me on Twitter at @UncleLesterWIFI too or send me an email with your gamer topic at [email protected]!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016