Gaming With Uncle Lester

Uncle Lester may live in a van down by the river, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a gamer at heart. Always on the lookout for an unsecured Wi-Fi connection to use before being runoff, his quest for gamer glory continues!

Hello and welcome to the 17th edition of Gaming with Uncle Lester! I’m your host of today’s show, Uncle Lester. My plan is almost complete. It took some digging but I managed to find one of those fake cop lights Radio Shack used to sell back in the 90s. I also found an F.I.B. badge. That’s right… I said FIB. HA! I can’t wait to pull this off. Fake cop light? Check. Fake badge? Check! Now I’ve just gotta find a good unsecured Wi-Fi connection somewhere.

It had been a few weeks since I’d heard from my nephew. Bless his heart, he’s the only family I’ve got left that will talk to me. He’s a good kid, but in one brief moment, he went from being my cool nephew that looks out for me into yet another annoying stupid 20-something with no clue about life.

I was talking about how hard it’s been lately, but at least I still had my health, my van, and my laptop. My nephew was trying to cheer me up, talking about how I should look at this as an adventure, a story to tell the grandkids in my old age, or a chance to start everything over again. He was doing a pretty good job of it too. Like I said, he’s a good kid.

But then he finished that great speech with a loud, “Yolo!” I was like, “Yolo? WTF is yolo?” “You know”, he says. “You only live once”. I love my nephew, but at that moment I wanted to slap the taste out of his mouth. In the hands of a proper human being, it’s meant to convey a sense of drive – to do something you normally wouldn’t in order to improve yourself or to expand your horizons. Unfortunately, his generation of bumble-headed moronic dipsticks use it as an excuse for every idiotic harebrained idea that pops into their tiny little skulls. Yolo… I’m hoping the Darwin Awards prove them right.

That’s it for today’s show but tune in tomorrow for more from your Vegas vaccine of the gaming world, Uncle Lester! Be sure to follow me on Twitter at @UncleLesterWIFI too or send me an email with your gamer topic at [email protected]!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016