What's Next for Acclaim?

With their broadening stable of diverse massively multiplayer games,
Acclaim has made a fairly large impact in the free to play marketplace
in the last few months. At the 2008 GDC, Garrett Fuller had the
opportunity to sit down with Dave Perry and Howard Marks to get the
full scope of Acclaim and where the company is going in the next few
months. Everything from Top Secret to 2Moons is touched upon, so make
sure you check it out!

While not everyone may agree with the free-to-play
model, Acclaim is
embracing the model to offer the best options for players. Acclaim is
making the micro-transaction payments available through cell phones and
cash cards. The cards are available at retail outlets like Target and
give players access to Acclaim coins if needed. However if you do not
want to spend any money and simple play these games for free you can
download them and play through as much as you like. Acclaim continues
to try and work on making ways for players to have easy access for

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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