Oh my, this is two Geeked in two weeks that yours truly has stepped outside the realm of MMOGs with! But hey, it's called Geeked, which means I've got to keep my eyes open for other nerd-culture happenings. And after today's adventure in procuring my own Watchmen tickets, I had to do this one.

I managed to get mine after some fancy work on Fandango as I watched the showing close out. I'm there at 7pm along with an army of friends at my back ready to be shocked, stunned, and obliterated by what will almost undoubtedly be my movie of 2009. If it's as good as it seems, not Terminator, not Star Trek, not a full re-filming of the abortion that was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of a Crystal Skull would woo me.

In any case. Sorry for this slight diversion. Back to MMO commentary come Monday!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016