Holy crow! I drew an actual background! And then I quickly remember why I've been using photos as my backgrounds for so long! Drawing is hard kids, give up on it now. Stick to arithmetic, writing, and science. Don't let that free-spirit in you get out and make you think you should pursue a career in the arts. Wait... can I call what I do here art? I mean, it's all gaming jokes and people in purple pirate outfits. Hey, I guess if you can call poo flung at a picture of the Virgin Mary art in some social circles, I can call Geeked a work of higher right-brained functionality.

In other, far less rambling news, our WoW team published the utterly fantastic Ultimate Utgarde Keep Guide today. You want to see a work of art? Check out that guide. The music for the video was done by our very own Sardu!

Well done, guys. That thing deserves a spot right next to great works of art like the Mona Lisa, or Cracked Magazine's 100th Issue cover.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016