I'd like to know how many of those slimy gurgling bastards I've killed in WoW.

Chris Dahlen want better data from the games he plays, and he wants it in an easily digestible form. Are you with him? Find out by reading his article, Game Feeds, MMOs, and Web Me.0.

While it’s always a hoot to share a list of my five favorite books and my ten best friends forever, none of this measures up to my gaming life. And I don’t just want a widget that lists my level, class and loot: I want it to judge whether I’m an explorer, a socializer, or an achiever.

Am I a chronically-banned griefer, or the kind of guy who helps total strangers with random buffs and heals. Am I rash and a risk-taker, or timid and cautious? Do I make friends easily or keep to myself? What are my most-used emoticons – wave, laugh, flirt or fart? Online games could be reporting this to me, but so far, they’re keeping mum.

Read all about his information-craving over at Gamasutra. What do you think? Is he crazy or is this stuff you'd like to know too?

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016