Few games get a second chance once they fall into the abyss, but Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising is one of the lucky few. Heatwave Interactive acquired the rights back in February from the now defunct Perceptual Entertainment and development has resumed on the game. The MMOGamer recently caught up to Heatwave Interactive CEO Anthony Castoro to talk about what drew him to the game and how the developer is approaching the development of Gods and Heroes. Features such as the minion system should be here to stay and the team hopes for a target release sometime in 2011.

I think the Minion System is here to stay, and if anything it should be blown out a little bit more. Since that idea came out there have been other games like Grado Espada, and to some degree Star Trek Online had minions, but I agree, in addition to the setting the Minion System was one of the biggest unique things.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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