It's fairly obvious GodsWar Online has become more popular than expected because why else would they add a new server? Either way as of last Thursday players now have an additional option to choose from when deciding on a server. How long will Zeus stay with a low population remains to be seen but at least it has an awesome name.

GodsWar Online seems to have hit its stride, with an ever increasing number of players joining in the fun everyday. With the amount of new players increasing so quickly, the GodsWar Online officials have decided to release a new GWO server called Zeus. The server will debut at 9:00pm April 16th!

Welcome to the latest expansion in our Greek Empire!

To celebrate, we will be holding a series of events in the new server.

Besides, from April 10th to April 19th, as long as players exchange for GW Points, they will receive E-Gold equal to 20% of the points they exchanged. This event will be coming to an end very soon, please take advantage of this limited time opportunity!

Oh did we mention the server event celebrating the launch? Check out the info on it right here.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016