Everyone loves Hobbits right? Short, furry feet, always complaining about "the burdens of saving the world." Middle-earth needs Hobbits and hopefully you've come to realize their importance and they get annoyed being referred to repeatedly as "Hobbitses" no matter how much you laugh after saying it. We've got a few suggestions for your leveling and have laid out the epic quest below. The following should provide you with all the information you need to hit level 10.

Archet - Introduction/Intermediate Area

If you aren't planning on skipping the tutorial (which will make your start in LOTRO much easier) we've already got a great guide you can read called Archet in 40 minutes. This guide is thorough and will get you through everything you need.

Little Delving

Welcome to the non-instanced and free Middle-Earth. You'll now be leaving the relative safety of Archet and moving to the slightly bustling village of Little Devling among the farmlands of the Shire. Quests here should be plentiful and keep you busy to level 10 and beyond. Those quests will take you into Rushock Bog, Greenfields, and many other amazing places which will test your adventuring skill (and sometimes patietence). From here on, the epic story line is optional (and more difficult). Completed it provides a wealth of experience and is well worth the time if you make it.


Epic Questline

Level Title Summary
5 Mundo's Complaint Mundo is a little upset and wants you to deliver a letter to the Mayor. Head to Michael Delving to the southeast and find the Mayor near the Town Hole. Deliver his letter for some xp and coin.
6 Flourdumpling's Stand The Mayor has no intention of giving Mundo anything and wants you to deliver a message to the Sackvills-Baggins to that affect. You'll need to head to Bag End to the northeast and find Lobelia around (29S, 71W). Talking to her will earn you xp and some coin.
6 Make Yourself Useful Lobelia thinks your errand running is a waste of time and asks you to go to Scary and speak with Wilcome Tunnely. You can Scary northeast of Hobbiton although it's safer to take the road east out of town and then north. Wilcome will complete this quest.
10 Pansy Tunnelly's Tale Wilcome is upset his sister claims to have seen goblins and wants you to speak with her. You can find Pansy near the rock in the center of town. Pansy wants you to head to the Greenfields and find a pointy rock. Contain your excitement and head northwest of scary to find them. Return to Pansy and she'll send you to see Bounder Primstone in Brockenborings, west of Scary. Completing this quest will give you xp and a nice item reward.
10 The Aid of the Halros Primstone suggests you take the rock to Halros who is camped in Greenfield. He's northeast of the town in a grove of trees. Halros will reward you with some xp and coin.
10 Goblin Foothold Halros feels the only good goblin is a dead one. He sends you to scout out a camp nearby. You'll need to kill 10 goblins to either the northeast or northwest (be wary some are elites)and return to Halros for your reward.
10 Troubles to Come Halros will send you back to Primstone in Brockenboring. Primstone will send you back to Scary to find Wilecome Tunnelly and we've come full circle. Enjoy some easy xp. The quest following this is a Fellowship quest so bring friends if you try it before level 13-14.


Other Quests

Level Title Summary City
5 Bundle for Michael Delving This Starts with Postman Newbuck in Little Delving. He wants you to deliver a satchel to Postman Produfoot in Michael Delving. This quest is timed so don't dawdle. Make sure to avoid any "nosey hobbits" or the quest will fail. Little Delving
5 Worries from Waymeet Peony Grubb in Michael Delving wants you to go find her friend Dora and help with Wolves. Head northeast down the road until you find her. Waymeet
5 Rescue Dora's Chickens Requires Worries from Waymeet. Dora wants you to gather 3 of her chickens. Head north from her and take the first path on your right into the farm. Return to Dora for your reward. Waymeet
6 Wolves at Waymeet Requires Rescue Dora's Chickens. Dora Brownlock in Waymeet wants you to kill some wolves for her. Head north past her farm and off the road to the east. Kill 8 wolves and return to Dora. Waymeet
7 The Wolf in Exile Dora now sends you to find to Jolly Smallburrow. Follow the road north from Dora and Jolly will be on your left. Help Jolly kill the wolf and head back to Dora for a very nice reward. Waymeet
7 Refurbishing the Town Hole Starts with Assistant Fallohide on the north side of Michael Delving. He sends you to speak with Griffo who can be found in Needlehole in the most northwestern section of the area. Griffo asks you to get his money bag so head to the dwarf camp by keeping the mountains close on your left. Look for a fire and tents to find the bag. Take the bag to Fallohide for your reward. Delving Fields
7 Bundle for Needlehole Starts with Postman Twofoot in Delving Fields. He needs mail delivered to Postman Redsmith. This is a timed quest. Rush northwest to Needhole as fast as you can and avoid any "hobbits" along the road or you'll fail the quest. Once you get near Twofoot the quest will update. Delving Fields
8 Spider Plague Starts with Otho in Overhill. He wants you to collect trade goods which can be found to the northeast just across the river around 27S 69W. Return them to Otho for your reward. Overhill
8 Finding the Nest Requires Spider Plauge. Otho now asks you to go find Sherriff Smallburrow. Head to Hobbitton in the center of town to find him. The Sherriff will send you to kill 6 spiders in the spiders nest. It is due northwest from Overhill through the forest. Return to the Sherriff. Overhill
8 Untangled Webs Requires Finding the Nest. The Sherriff would now like you to find a way through the forest around the webs. He'll send you to talk to a few people about how to do it. First Gammer Boffin can be found in the middle of Overhill. She'll ask for 6 slug-slime which drops off slugs in the swamp nearby. Return to her for your reward. Overhill
8 Bundle for Michael Delving Starts with Postman Redsmith in Needlehole. He needs mail delivered to Postman Proudfoot. This is a timed quest. Rush south to Michael Delving as fast as you can and avoid any "hobbits" along the road or you'll fail the quest. Once you get near Proudfoot the quest will update. Needlehole
8 Brokerborings to Bree-Town This is quite a little trip to take so give yourself time if you are serious about it. You'll head east out of the Shire by crossing a bridge. Following this road awhile will get you to Bree. The Mayor is in the eastern part of the town inside the Bree Town Hall. Little Delving
9 Web-Cutter Requires Untangled Webs. Gammer Boffin sends you first to Lob's Grove. It's due northwest of the town near the mountain wall. Find a large web to click. You'll then need to find a walking tree and speak with him. Overhill
9 Free the Tree Requires Web-Cutter. Speak to the Tree again to begin this portion of the quest. It will start a small ring event requiring you to defend yourself and the Tree. This could require friends. When you are done return to the Sherriff in Hobbiton. Overhill
9 A Taste for Pork Starts with Linda Bolger in Budgeford. She'll send you to talk to Milo at their farm to the northeast. Milo will ask you to kill 8 wolves to the east of the farm. Return for your reward. Budgeford

Thanks for reading the Ten Ton Hammer Hobbit leveling guide. Hopefully this has you well on your way to level and you find the journey not in the least bit painful. See something we missed? Maybe an easy quest that should be added? Feel free to email me, you'll get full credit.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016