Lord of the Rings Online provides a very clear progression early but killing creatures provides little if any experience. Levels seem to also come just a little bit slower than other games so at times you may be unsure of what to do. The following should provide you with all the information you need to hit level 10 as a Man.

Archet - Introduction/Intermediate Area

If you aren't planning on skipping the tutorial (which will make your start in LOTRO much easier) we've already got a great guide you can read called Archet in 40 minutes. This guide is thorough and will get you through everything you need.


Welcome to the open and free Middle-Earth. You'll now be leaving the relative safety of Archet and moving to the slightly bustling village of Combe where you'll find tons of quests that should keep you busy to level 10 and beyond. Those quests will take you into Chetwood North, Staddle, Bree, Midewater Marsh, and many other amazing places which will test your adventuring skill (and sometimes patietence). From here on, the epic story line is optional (and more difficult). Completed it provides a wealth of experience and is well worth the time if you make it.


Epic Questline

Level Title Summary
6 An Urgent Summons Jon Brackenbrook will send you to the Combe and Waffle Inn in Combe. Follow the road out of Archet to find Combe. The Innkeeper Lizbeth Honeymeade will update your quest and send you to see Toradon upstairs.
7 Finding Amdir Toradon will send you outside of the Inn to see Constable Underhill. He suspects the Blackwold's and asks you to retrieve a pack. East of Combe in Chetwood North you'll find the pack in a campfire surrounded by Blackwold's (28S 45W). Sometimes will require two people, one to run off the camp while the other grabs the pack. Return to Underhill.
9 Cutleaf's Good Intentions Constable Underhill will send you to speak with Ellie Cutleaf. Follow the road west from the Inn to find her home. She'll send you Skunkwoods Farm in Chetwood North (24S 44W) and kill Skunkwood's Den-mother. Return to Ellie when you're done.
9 A Critical Strike This is a Fellowship quest so grab a few folks to give you a hand, you'll need it. Ellie wants you to poison the Blackwold's food and kill Jagger Jack. In the most northern portion of Chetwood North (26S 44W) you'll find the Blackwold Headquarters. There is more than one entrance, the one you want is the eastern. Jack is in the back in a various obvious location surrounded by wolves. Before you get to him, you'll notice clickable animal corpses. Find all six in the same area. Kill Jack and you are all done.
10 The Hideout Ellie will send you back to the Blackwold's Hideout. Head east out of Combe towards the swamp, you'll pass by a waterfall (30S 47W) and see a door nearby. Inside the cave speak to the guard who will let you through and head west towards William Skunkwoood.
10 The Hideout: Instance Skunkwood will tell you to go talk to Amdir who is being held in the eastern end of the instance. He'll go nuts, vanish and you'll speak to Sara Oakheart. Escorting her takes forever because she walks really slow. All the guards you see on the ground will come to life when she gets close. After the last dramatic scene you'll speak with Sara.
10 Chasing Amdir Constable Tanglerush in the center of Staddle will send you to find Mundol. Mundol is in a cave on the eastern side of the Midgewater Marshes. Cross the swamp near the northern side and move south until you see it.
10 A Ranger's Aid You'll need to head to the Marshwater Fort in the middle of Midgewater Marsh. In the center near the Spider Queen you'll see a set of doors.
10 A Ranger's Aid Instance You'll escort Reniolind through a brief instance filled with spiders. Don't get ahead of him because they drop from the ceiling at times. After you complete the instance head to the Dancing Pony and Inn in Bree-Town to find the innkeeper Barliman Butterbur. He'll tell you where in the inn Strider is located.


Other Quests

Level Title Summary City
5 Beneath the Hanging Tree Starts with Ted Pickthorn. He'll send you to find his fathers buried treasure. Head east out of town and take the right fork at the guardhouse to an incomplete house. Southeast of there you'll find a bunch of stumps with a few clickable. Harvest them until you get your updates.  
6 Threat from Spiders Starts with Atli-Spiderbane in Archet. He'll send you to to talk to Cal Sprigley who is nearby. Cal wants you to go grab some stuff for him from his farm to the south. The spiders are non-aggro and should be easy to wander around. Return to Cal Archet
6 Disease Among the Boars Starts with Constable Thistlewood and requires you to kill 10 diseased Bristlehides which should be outside the gates and near the Hunting Lodge to the east. Archet
6 Den of Wolves Starts with Taylor Green in the Combe Lumber Camp east of Combe. Head northeast of the camp into the woods and you'll find plenty. Combe Lumber Camp
6 Unpaid Debts Starts with Constable Sageford. He wants you to retrieve a lockbox from the Blackwold's. It's in a camp in Chetwood North around 28S 45W. This is a great time to complete Finding Amdir also. Combe
7 Logger's Ledger Requires Completion of Beneath the Hanging Tree. Ted now wants you to head to the Lumber Camp to see if there is more you can learn. Find Mason Thorne inside the camp east of town. It's in Thorne's ledger which of course was lost in the woods. Find Blackwold campfires in Chetwood North and kill Sergeants to get the ledger drop. Return to Thorne. Combe
7 Pickthorne's Treasure Requires Completion of Logger's Ledger. Thorne now remembers which stump it was. Head back to the stumps and find the clickable one. Return to Ted Pickthorn in Combe. Come Lumber Camp
7 Finding Reason Begins after Threat from Spiders. Cal sends you back to Alti-Spiderbane. You'll need to go find Bali. Head towards the Hunters Lodge and inside the ruins. His corpse will be in front of a cave. Inside the cave are 5 page harvest locations. Archet
8 Treasure in the Web Requires Unpaid Debts to be completed. Constable Sageford sends you to find a Strongbox in the Marshwater Fort in Midgewater Swamp. The fort is large and is in the center of the swamp area on the map. On the ourside you'll notice some Blackwold's near a chest. Harvest and return to Sageford. Combe
8 Blackwold Valuables Requires Treasure in the Web to be completed. Constable Sageford will send you to the Old Bauman farm in Chetwood North. The farm sits on top of a large hill in the center of the forest. The Blackwold Supervisor spawns next to the cabin and will drop what you are looking for. Combe
8 Rurik Fennel, Locksmith Requires Blackwold Valuables to be completed. Constable Sageford will send you to see Rurik on the west side of Combe. Return to Constable Sageford. Combe
8 Posco's Uncle Begins with Posco Burrows in the Lumber Camp. Posco wants you to find his Uncle. Easy enough, just head east along the road and there he is. Not so fast, Filbert asks you to get his hanky back so, you're just getting started. Cole Sickleaf has it and resides in the ruins of the northeast corner of the forest east of the Blackwold Headquaters. Return to Filbert and then to Posco. Combe Lumber Camp
9 Reconnecting the Ties Begins with Maida Woodright in front of the Combe and Waffle. She'll ask you to find her son Covell and send you to talk to Constable Wren. Wren is east of town at the guardhouse. Wren will send you to the most northern part of Chetwood North to the entrance of the Blackwold Headquarters. He should be standing out front but if not give him a minute or two. He'll speak and attack you. When he is defeated return to Maida with the sad news. Combe
9 Spiderbane Requires the completion of Finding Reason. Atli Spiderbane wants you to kill Iornaith. This is a Fellowship quest at level 9 so bring friends. Head to Cal Sprigley's farm and find the cellar entrance in the back. Head inside take a left and the first passage on your left should lead up into a house. Iornaith and friends are inside. Combe
9 Blackwold Thieves Requires the Completion of Rurik Fennel, Locksmith. Constable Sageford wants you to get a key from Captain Applewood. Applewood is in the back of the Blackwold Headquarters all the way to the north in Chetwood North (26S 44W). While this isn't a fellowship quest (he's not Elite) he does have a lot of friends around him. Bringing someone else makes life much easier. Combe

Thanks for reading the Ten Ton Hammer Man leveling guide. Hopefully this has you well on your way to level and you find the journey not in the least bit painful. See something we missed? Maybe an easy quest that should be added? Feel free to email me, you'll get full credit.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016