The most sought after items in EverQuest II are undoubtedly the class mythical weapons that cannot be bought or begged for no matter how badly you want them. Or can they? Guilds are selling their raid abilities and players are paying large amounts of plat in order to score one of these prestigious weapons. The real shocker is that these clandestine trades are completely legitimate.

We all want one, but most of us who play EQ2 will never have one. If you are a ultra casual player then you likely won't even see the fabled version of the class weapon let alone hold even a glimmer of hope of ever wielding your very own mythical. That is unless you happen to be one of the lucky few that are on a server with a guild who is selling raid slots to earn these priceless beauties, and then all you need is a solid stash of plat and a few free nights to raid.

Right or wrong, Savanja tells you how it's being done and why in "Guild For Sale: Buying Your Way Through EQ2".

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016