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Charr Week Continues

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The Charr Blood Legion

ArenaNet's detailed look at the charr continues today with some expanded info on the history, environments, and challenges they presently face. Building upon previous lore and background info, the latest post on the official blog serves as an excellent primer for anyone new to the Guild Wars universe, and even for those of you who may be familiar with the charr in the original Prophecies campaign and Eye of the North, but crave new info on what they will be like as a playable race in Guild Wars 2.

As you'll see in the excerpt from the official update below, the charr have a long history of war which has played a large role in how they have come to be the most technologically advanced race of Tyria in GW2. It's thanks to the charr that you'll be able to wield pistols and rifles in the game, and as we've seen in the available demo areas for the mid-level charr, their deadly machines of war can be pretty massive in scale.

Here's an excerpt from the official update on charr history:

The charr made the open lands east of the Shiverpeaks their home for many long years before the arrival of the humans. They were driven from Ascalon and thereafter engaged in a centuries-long war with the humans, their efforts stymied by the power of the human gods and technology. However, they rallied and eventually invaded the human nations. Distant Kryta resisted their incursions, but both Orr and Ascalon ultimately chose destruction rather than fall before the charr.

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The Charr Ash Legion

The update also includes some great details concerning the main city of the charr, the Black Citadel:

Upon the overthrow of the Flame Legion, the Iron Legion was granted control of the conquered kingdom of Ascalon by the other victorious legions. They built their main fortress-city, the Black Citadel, on the human ruins of Rin, and the wreckage of that destroyed city can still be seen among the foundations of the citadel. While the Iron Legion is officially in charge, Blood and Ash legions both have a major presence in the city.

As the Iron Legion is the most technologically-based of the charr legions, its city is a great foundry and center of industry. The Black Citadel is dominated by the huge Imperator’s Core, a great spherical structure that houses the headquarters of the three Legions, the offices of the tribunes, and the war council, where the legions meet to plan strategy. Over all of this the Iron Legion Imperator Smodur the Unflinching co-ordinates the charr in Ascalon with a veteran’s eye.

For more details, be sure to check out the updated web page for the charr on the official Guild Wars 2 site!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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