We're Asura You're
A-Gonna Like Eye of the North

Okay, that was bad, but my punny bone is broken. At any rate, if you're
craving more information on the upcoming Guild Wars expansion, Eye of
the North, MMORPG.com is delivering a series of three features designed
to grab your attention. The second is a Region Profile on Rata Sum and
the Asura, who inhabit it:

The Asura of the Tarnished Coast are a brilliant, if diminutive, people
who dwelled, until recently, within the Depths of Tyria, where they
regularly dealt with Dwarves, Dredge, and other underground races.
However, a dangerous race from even deeper within the world--the
Destroyers--overran their subterranean homes, forcing them to the
surface. Now, the Asura must learn to survive in a hostile, strange,
and all-too-brightly-lit world. Still, the surviving population is of
two minds--half of them long for a return to their underground empires,
while the other half believe their former lands are lost forever, that
their future lies among the strange races of the surface world.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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