How to be a human without being "Aragorrrn".

Lord of the Rings Online is a game, because of the world it's set in, that lends itself to immersive gameplay and roleplaying. One of the things that shatter both of those quicker than anything is a meta-name. Weather it is "Aragorrn" or "Pwnunub", it's names like this that demonstrate the importance of having a name that fits in the world.

Now we have some guidance.

Men of Bree
The Men of Bree use simple, English-sounding names that are generally short (one or two syllables). Examples are: Nat, Tom, Bill, Cole. However, chances of finding a server with any of those names open are slim. Creativity is needed to pick a name that is unique but also lore-appropriate. There are several Bree-landers with more elaborate names such as "Barliman" and "Cuthbert". A good way to find a name is to take one of the shorter names that already exist and extend them into a longer version. For instance, "Cole" could become "Coleman" or "Colehart". Another method is to find common last names and use them as your character's first name such as "Ward", "Nichol", "Bowman", or "Sutton". Bree-men are probably the most difficult to name due to the common nature of their names. While it isn't strange in Bree for many people to have the same first name, it is not possible in the game. Therefore, it takes quite a bit of creativity to choose an appropriate name for your character.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016