Following multiplayer subscription brouhaha, the Flagship Studios founder and CEO says that his forthcoming game will contain "significant free online play."

Gamespot posted this interview with Flagship Studio's Bill Roper last evening. You don't want to miss a word about this upcoming MMO.

Earlier this month, a small firestorm of controversy erupted when Flagship Studios, a company founded by key veterans of Blizzard's Diablo team, revealed that its long-awaited debut game, Hellgate: London, could have some kind of subscription element for online multiplayer play.

The game, which lets you explore the gutted remains of England's capital and fight hundreds of different monsters and demons, will feature a complete single-player game, as well as a significant free multiplayer component. To set the record straight, Flagship CEO and cofounder Bill Roper talked with GameSpot about closing the Pandora's box of controversy before opening Hellgate.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016