Hobbit Talk

June 13th Forum Report for Lord
of The Rings Online

By Darkgolem

This weeks Hobbit Talk speaks about variety of topics, some of which
have somewhat vociferous responses, while others are more or less
helpful.  There is discussion of one of the best cloaks in the
game, and massive amount of time it takes to make it.  There are
some questions by newer players, and some discussions by players about
their motivations in playing Lord of The Rings Online.  Overall, a
pretty well rounded set of forum posts!

1. href="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=143800">Turbine: Please
Consider Deleting Chronically Inactive Accounts

"To start this off, I have to say that I like Turbine's policy of
keeping characters on inactive accounts stored for some amount of time.
I quit for a few months back in the fall, and it was nice to be able to
come back to my characters when I changed my mind about playing.

That being said, it's becoming hard to come up with new, unique,
lore-appropriate names. This is especially a problem.."

2. href="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=143259">How Much Fun
Are Hunters To Play?

"First off, I am a LOTRO nOOb! I'm loving this game and really
considering a lifetime membership. I had a fellowship with a level 21
Elf Hunter last night. Now I am only a level 13 Champion, but I am
really enjoying him (see signature below for info). It just seemed like
a ton of fun to be a Hunter though. I love the bow animation and she
seemed to be able to dual wield once in combat. I guess I'm wondering
if I should try rolling a new character tonight and try a Hunter? I'd

3. href="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=143752">The Epic
Challenge Series: An Idea

"I have been trying to think of new game features that would increase
my interest in playing my level 50 characters. The problem with many
"endgame" features is that they make your character more powerful, but
they don't provide a reason to become more powerful.

While this idea may not be original, I think it might fit nicely with

What if there was a "solo raid progression"?

There could be a series of optional solo encounters to test the
player's skill. There would be no guarantee that every class with any
set of gear could beat every one of the bosses. Players might need to
re-spec, get better.."

4.  href="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=143657">Do you play
LOTRO for Lord of the Rings or because its MMO?

"As the thread says, I am curious to know if players play this for the
LOTR theme, or just because it is another MMO.

I play it personally for LOTR, and could care less for all that other
MMO junk thrown in. I am a HUGE fan of LOTR, and have been ever since I
saw the movies. Then I read the books, and then began buying all the
merchandise, so I had to buy LOTRO and it felt like LOTR. Very fun,
very great. Only problem was the players for me. It felt like I wasn't
even playing with LOTR fans, just people who decided to pick up the
game and didn't know what LOTR was.

IMO, it feels like most people nowadays are just playing this for the
MMO, and not for LOTR itself. Here is proof. I was asking where riddles
were for the Bilbo Riddle quest, and someone helped me:

Me: You know where the..."

5.  href="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=141957">Disgruntled
with the current state of the captain Class

"Probably the first thought to pop in yer head is why is this here and
not in the captain Forums, and as to why, its because the Captains that
read the cap forums already know of the bulk of issues there, and post
about them, and also the fact that there is little to no dev response
to anything in the captain forum, and theres no indicators as to if
they actually read anything in there.

And, I am hoping bringing out my opinions to the larger community might
have a positive effect on things, but hey, you never know.

First, to state how captains are now from what i see.


buffs are in ok shape, the small tactics buffs are useful, banners and
In Defense of Middle Earth pack a punch and thus has groups liking us,
we can also use muster courage every twenty seconds or so to clean off
fear debuffs, which are commonplace in angmar and other endgame
regions. our in combat rezzing is always useful from our primary rez,
and our Heals over Time from Rallying Cry and Words of Courage are

6.  href="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=138756">Torahammas, War
Mammoth Fur, and Cloak

"A lot of people have gotten a recipe for Torahammas Cloak, not the
best cloak in the game but perhaps the rarest since you need a War
Mammoth Fur along with a Beryl Shard to make it. The problem?
Apparently the only mob that drops a War Mammoth Fur is a nemesis 48k
mob with a bunch of guards named Torahammas, a war mammoth. The other
problem? As far as we can tell, across all the servers, this mob was
seen opening day and never since.

According to many discussions with GM's, this mob can spawn anywhere
within the region and has a very long spawn time. There do not appear
to be any place holders,etc. However, 3 weeks or more seems..."

7. href="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=143618">Stealing from a
Kin House

"What exactly is that?

If stuff is left in the Housing Bins, isn't that "free to take"
(especially if its been there awhile)?

If the person had wanted to keep it, they wouldn't put it in the Kin
House where anyone can get to it would they? They'd put it in a private
Vault or their Packs.

I don't wanna do something "bad" by accident. I usually..."

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