How Do You Get in the Know?

How do you get the tools you need to progress in a massively
multi-player online game? Do you find information by scouring community
sites? Do you use online databases? Or do you maybe even buy gold from
online gold sellers? With Vanguard: Saga of Heroes just months away
from launch, Medeor ponders how we'll go about gathering information to
help us progress from noob to uber, and considers what's right, what's
iffy, and what's flatly against the EULA.

I believe online databases are not the wave of the future,
they are the wave of the now, and in the future offline information
portals will continue to creep further and further into our games as UI
mods and overlays. I'm already using a voice chat program in addition
to the game program; what’s next? Once these ideas really begin to
blossom in earnest, the blurred line between nice amenity and unfair
advantage will be discussed and argued on many a forum.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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