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Vince Napoli on Caravans

There's been a lot of speculation about modes of travel in Vanguard. We
know that travel will play an important role in the game, and that
instant travel will be extremely limited. We also know that Vanguard
will have a unique caravan system. There's been a good deal of
speculation about how the system will work, so we cornered Sigil to get
the official word on caravans. Game designer Vince Napoli answered our

[VTTH]: We know that
caravans will likely have a level restriction, meaning that the players
banded together in a caravan will need to be within a certain level
range of one another. What other restrictions will be placed on
caravans to prevent exploits?

[VN]: We are testing out a few
restrictions based on the feedback from our initial implementation in
beta. A level limit is likely by release, as is some type of
restriction on where your caravan may be "docked." We are also toying
with "unlocking" areas before you may caravan to them.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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