Windows Vista.

Just the name brings forth a feeling of loathing mingled with despair.

But why? Why do we hate this operating system, and why are we so hesitant to use it? Is it because we fear change, or that we dislike altering our virtual environments?

Or is it perhaps...something more?

They tried to strong arm us into using it while insisting that it works and if it doesn’t, that it was probably something YOU did, you filthy hacker you.

When sales dropped faster than a bunch of Japanese kids going into fits while watching poorly produced anime, Microsoft took the high road and announced that they would almost immediately stop supporting Windows XP – the previous operating system that was finally pretty much working after years of bug fix and repair. They hoped to phase it out quickly, quit supporting or selling it, and this way everyone would HAVE to use Vista because there would be no other choices.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016