We love our comic book heroes. They're larger than life, able to leap tall buildings without so much as a groin pull, and capture our imagination and hearts.

Which is why they have to be destroyed.

When you love something, you set it free. Yet with geeks, when you TRULY love something, you rip it apart and try to figure out how it works in order to gain a greater understanding. When you do this to the already fantastic, your world can quickly unravel.

For some reason comic book plots treat radiation as if it were chock full of eight essential vitamins and minerals that are a key part of a healthy breakfast. Radiation is like a wish giving steroid fairy who can fix any problem – but in reality the Hulk would not have super strength.

He would have super cancer.

Unstoppable, truly epic, super cancer like Clark Kent will eventually get because he gets his power from the sun. The kind of cancer that comes with baseball caps and words of encouragement from people who try not to touch anything you’ve coughed on.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016