If you think that blatantly skipping both “A” and “C” in an alphabetical listing of all things geek just to get to “D” for “Dungeons and Dragons” is shameless or bad, just wait until you see what we do to poor “E”. It isn’t even pretty.

But letter digression aside, we bravely explore one of the most controversial and widely known Geek pleasures as we answer the question: “What is Dungeons and Dragons, and why do geeks seem to love it?”

Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy role playing game in which players assume the roles of characters that they’ve spent hours creating and designing only to have them killed off in the first ten minutes of play by a disgruntled Dungeon Master who is more than just a little bit pissed that everyone “totally bogarted the Cheetos” while he was setting up the night’s adventure and hiding behind his dorky little DM screen.

Unlike conventional board games, Dungeons and Dragons (or “D&D” as you youngsters today call it) isn’t limited to a fold out board and a set of easily learned rules. No, the only set game board is the one your imagination creates, and the obscure and often fought about rules are strewn across literally hundreds of hard to read, paper thin source books, that can at times cost more than you paid for your first car.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016