The conservative ivy league is testing the waters of online gaming.
After the now defrocked FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate went on
record as saying World of Warcraft is creating a nation of college
dropouts, the Dartmouth College of Business has decided to”
join them since we don’t seem to be beating
them.”  In a bold move, the college is developing
its own MMO game development degree. The director of the new program,
Isaac Washington-Hayes, is ecstatic about the new degree.
“We’re a ways from finishing the last few years of
the program, but we’re excited to start taking students
anyway” says Isaac. “We’re running this
program just like a gaming development.” When pressed for a
tour, Isaac only smiled and said,” we’re not quite
ready for open beta.”

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Even Isaac
Washington-Hayes is ecstatic about the new program!

With no actual information, the only source of program descriptions is
on the website. The marketing for the program shows amazing computer
labs, top tier writing instructors and additional perks. Again, Isaac
provides some caveats to what we are seeing in all of the marketing
hype, “we may or may not include some of the early concept
art.” The PR shots show a computer lab with a kegerator and
hookers doing lines off of AnthroCarts, so it is no wonder that the
applications server is often brought to a standstill.

The lack of end-game diplomas is not thwarting Isaac, “most
people want to hang out and drink with our community, so
we’re not too worried about patching in the last year or so
of the curriculum, heck maybe nobody will even make it that

The development is geared toward a subscription model, but they have
already started the referral program. A current student may invite
friends to try out the program parties for free, and if they actually
attend a class, the referring student will get a month of free beer.

Pre-orders are available at GamerStore, and only require the first
year’s tuition. Once the launch of the program happens, those
lucky few who had pre-orders will also get a toga to be used at the
university parties.

Watch for more colleges and universities to latch onto this promising
new curriculum alternative.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016