"That's a &%*#[email protected] 50 DKP MINUS!"

In the name of research, we sent little Medeor away from the safety of his family style guild and out into the wild "50 DKP minus!" world of raiding guilds. The purpose? To bring you this cool guide on how to find and join a raiding guild. How did he fare? You'll have to read his guide to find out.

There are many tools at our disposal when looking for a guild. Most games typically have a way to look at some of the rankings for a server whether it be their PvP scores, or just through the forums. Armed with this information, you can quickly arrive at a list of the top-ranked guilds on the server. Of course it also helps to keep your eyes and ears open in the game. One tool that put a lot of information in one place for me is GuildPortal.com.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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