Jumpgate Evolved

The massively multiplayer online gaming marketplace has changed since
NetDevil originally developed their science-fiction space combat MMOG,
Jumpgate. Games have come and gone, a MMOG has cornered the
marketplace, and the space combat genre has dwindled to a scant few
titles released sporadically. Therefore it makes sense to wonder just
how the factions and missions that were available in the original
Jumpgate will change in the "evolved" version of the game. Cody
"Micajah" Bye sat down with Jumpgate Evolution's producer, Hermann
Peterscheck, to dig up the details on the upcoming massive space

Hermann: It depends what you mean by being "part of a
faction." When
you start the game, you choose which nation to play for: Quantar,
Solrain or Octavius. Jumpgate does not have hard and fast rules about
allegiances however. That is to say, the factions can interact with
each other: trade, talk, fight, etc. We have made a deliberate choice
to put more of this into the player's hands as opposed to forcing a war
or peace situation onto them .While it is important that players make
choices and that those choices have consequences we want to be careful
not to make people feel like they might make the "wrong" choice.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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