Space Case!

Creating believable space-based combat is no simple feat in the video
game realm. Gravity is taken out of the equation and strangely
functioning objects (like asteroids or gravity wells) are tossed in.
Still, the developers at NetDevil are attempting to do just that with
Jumpgate Evolution. As the second part of our two-piece series on the
combat and controls of the game, Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye
caught back up with Hermann Peterscheck to sketch out the rest of the
details of the combat in the upcoming space-based MMOG. However, make
sure you check out Part
as well, if you haven't already done so!

My favorite games are the ones that put me right into
the game and then
tell me what I need to know at the moment I need to know it. This is
what we are doing. It's a very time consuming approach, but I think in
the end it will work well. A separate goal is that if you have started
the game for the 10th time (hopefully we have a lot of replay-ability)
you shouldn't feel like you are forced to get through the "boring part"
in order to do the "fun stuff." Fighting the first guy should be
satisfying and fun, even if you have done it 100 times.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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