Getting Crafty with
Jumpgate Evolution

The roles of crafting and resource gathering in most MMOGs are
important. These activities often provide players with the downtime
they need if they are waiting for someone to jump online or if they
simply want to engage in an activity outside of combat. The developers
of NetDevil's upcoming space combat MMOG, Jumpgate Evolution, have
noticed the desire for players to have these essentials and have put a
heavy emphasis on resource gathering, crafting, along with combat.
Recently, the Ten Ton Hammer staff sat down with JGE's producer,
Hermann Peterscheck, to discuss how these two non-combat activities
function in the game world. We hope you enjoy his answers!

Our initial approach is to make crafting "manufacturing." This
means that it happens on various building spread throughout the galaxy.
The idea is that moving things around in space is an important part of
the economy, so by crafting things and bringing them to a central
location I add value to players that don't want to fly far out there to
get what they need. However, difficulty needs to scale. At the
beginning making cool and useful stuff will be quick and easy. At the
end it will be challenging and more complicated. That's all part of the
fun of games I think!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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