Kung Foo is the new tongue-in-cheek martial arts MMO by Perfect World Entertainment. Looking to use your hands as weapons of mass destruction to rain death down upon a thousand bunnies? Well, this game is for you! Your pals at Ten Ton Hammer are here to provide their impressions of the beta of this slyly humorous game.

Immersion is not the name of the game here. At every turn, Kung Foo blatantly tells you that you are in a game, and you should be laughing. From the very first NPC that you meet that tells you that he is, “the second most important NPC in the game” and that you should listen to him because of this, or how many of the NPCs start out the conversation by saying, “Hi noob.” Kung Foo revels in the fact that this is a satirical parody. Even the class names are over-the-top parodies of MMO gamers. Class names like Healbot and Meat Shield tells you this game is all tongue in cheek. This style of humor is carried out throughout the game, and can be quite funny at times.

You can read the full preview here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016