Kwari Now in the Hunt

Sept. 6, 2007 - New screens and concept art from the just-announced MMOFPS Kwari by a developer of the same name, currently being built on the BigWorld platform.

KWARI_Coat_Of_ArmsFrom the press release: "The deal marks a significant shift in the way FPS players engage one another in the online-gaming world, fighting for cash prizes on a per bullet and kill basis. The title will mark the first of its kind, paving the way for a new meaning to high-paced FPS action."

Kwari_5_30-8-07  Kwari_4_30-8-07
Kwari_3_30-8-07  Kwari_2_30-8-07 Kwari_1_30-8-07

And some concept art from the game as well:

Drydock concept art 10
Drydock concept art 7
Drydock concept art 6
Drydock concept art 5
Drydock concept art 2
Drydock concept art 9
Drydock concept art 3
Drydock concept art 4
Drydock concept art 1

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