No more Basketball in MMOs

While it was not a title that many people had heard of, FreeStyle Street Basketball probably held the honor of being the only Basketball MMO out there. As of tomorrow though, it will be no more.

As of September 25th 2008, the FreeStyle Street Basketball service will be closed.

Sierra Online would like to thank all of our players again for their time and efforts on behalf of the game. Over the past 16 months we have had almost a million gamers sign-up for accounts, hosted two dozen events, and even competed in the world championships at Jeju Island in Korea. Thanks to you, FreeStyle Street Basketball has been a great success and it has been a privilege for us to know all of you.

Goodbye and Good luck!

The FreeStyle Team

While no reason is given for the closing, many of Sierra Online's products have been in question since their parent company Vivendi merged with Activision, creating Activision/Blizzard. Best guess is that this is simply a casualty of the merger.

For more information about the closing, please visit the FreeStyle Street Basketball official site.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016