But which will you be?

Although an official delay has been confirmed for The Chronicles of Spellborn, the development team hasn't used the extra time to rest on their laurels. This week a brand new developer diary has emerged from the TCoS crew, and this one features prominent heroes and villains in the Spellborn storyline. Written by Mike Wolf, the article features images and descriptions of these protagonists and antagonists, and the Ten Ton Hammer editorial team has hosted the article for all of our readers to enjoy!

Bazir Shadowcrest is the best Rogue in the Enclave and she knows it. Being taught by a master in the arts of the Skinshifter, she adapts to every situation with the utmost precision. Bazir is the very word Rogue come to live and has dedicated her life to the ways of stealth, precision and the art of not being seen.

Read it here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016