Third Time's the Charm?

The folks at Ingle Games have just announced their third massively
multiplayer online game, and unlike their first two titles (Phoenix
Dynasty Online and Magic World Online), this game looks to be aimed at
a younger audience. Titled Legend of Golden Plume Online, Ten Ton
Hammer has received the official memo announcing the coming of this new
game and the potential release date (Q2 2008) along with a pair of
concept artwork wallpapers. Here's the official word:

Legend of Golden Plume is a cartoon-style real time
strategy MMORPG
where you will find a wonderland - all of your friends, NPC, monsters
are very cute! You can change your appearance easily; even disguise
yourself to a pet, jumping here and there in the street to attract a
lot of attentions! The game will start its closed beta in Q2, 2008. If
you are interested, please keep an eye on our site and we will expose
more details and deliver the closed beta game accounts for you. For
more details, you can join the discussion on the href="">official board.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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