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That's right folks, we have our own national day now! Woo!

This Saturday, November 15th will mark the first National Gaming Day, and libraries across the country are getting in on the action. Apparently, librarians have seen gaming as a great tool to get kids and teens in the door. It can be really handy when they have the latest collection of Dungeon Master Guides available for checkout.

"Gaming formats have become a valuable tool for libraries," said American Library Association President Jim Rettig. "Not only has this new format increased library usage from hard to reach users such as teens, we also have found that video games attract a variety of users and are a great vehicle to teach basic technology skills."

National Gaming Day will feature online tournaments using T-rated games (sorry, no Gears of War 2 bouts for you), Pictureka, Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons, though the setup might vary from library to library. So if you have some free time on the 15th, now you can spend it proving why games belong in libraries. Isn't that nice?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016